I began my career at The Wall Street Journal, where I reported and wrote articles such as “Halt! That grande skim latte could be a concealed weapon.”

I reviewed NYC-area bars and shops for The New York Times as an anthropologist might, identifying the details that make each venue perfect for the reader ... or NOT. 

Several years ago, I began writing books. First, the words came as companions for my visual art. Eventually, I left my pictures behind to focus on words and story. To date, I’ve penned a young-adult novel, two middle-grade novels, five picture books, a three-part book of diary entries, and six books of illustrated poetry.

During the pandemic, I also published a one-off book-a-zine LOONBEEK, featuring my and others’ essays, poetry, and art. Dave Eggers called it “charming and illuminating,” and Mary-Louise Parker applauded: “That glorious book! Perfection!”

I’m at work now on my third middle-grade novel and seeking an agent to represent my work. Suggestions welcome!