Editing is one of my superpowers. If you’re working on a writing project and need help clarifying, shaping, trimming, reworking, rethinking, out-of-the-boxing, and (most especially) bringing it all home with an ending that sings … I’m your person.

I know how to write clearly and efficiently, to grab a reader’s attention without yelling (unless you want to yell lol), and to bring someone into the unique world that only you can create. You name it, I’ve probably written or edited it — grants, marketing copy, speeches, essays, course curricula, YA novels, memoirs, poems. You get the idea.

I love helping fellow writers get where they want to go, or somewhere unexpected and even better. Please do reach out if you think I could be helpful! I offer a free 15-minute consultation. After that, my rate is €50/hr, with a sliding scale for anyone who needs it. 

Email me at alex@feelbetterbooks.org.

An important note: I have a tender heart (and PTSD). Good to know, right? This means that I won’t be able to help with more violent work. Anything gut-wrenching or super-tense is off-limits for me. Doctor’s orders!  Thank you for understanding.