by Alex Hart

Clozo is a story about a frown-faced clown who, because people hassle him about not smiling enough, spends the length of the book shining a light on the things that DO warm his heart (even if his face is quite inscrutable). To wit: clean underpants, bugs, shadows, butter, rain, picking up litter, his (falling-out) hair, freckles, a well-constructed bagel sandwich, gratitude for someone warning him away from stepping in dog poop, scratching an itch, relief thru belching, feeling energetic (rare) or outright excited (also very occasional)... but on the last page he "levels" with the reader that tho he's been keeping a lookout for joyous or even euphoric sensations, for a way to turn his smile upside down, they just plain elude him. and that's okay. he's "just" a quiet, frowning dude. and (if you don't mind too terribly much) he'll stick to his simple pleasures, his quirky reasons for leaving Glorious Bed... most mornings.

ISBN-13: 978-1-7320094-0-0
8.5 x 11 inches

© 2018 Alex Hart

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