About Feel Better Books

There are so many books that help me feel better. A Suitable Boy. Not My Father's Son. A Gentleman in Moscow. The Elegance of the Hedgehog. How Green Was My Valley. You May Already Be a Winner. Hold Still. On and on the list goes, and it grows each time I luck upon discarded gems at my local library or when I work through a kindred author's list of favorites. Often I feel like the right book, the one I need at this very moment, finds me. And once immersed in those pages, I am at peace. I am made better, stronger, braver, enlightened. I am buoyed. I am in good company. I am not alone.

If my books can stay afloat and even swim in these rarified and cherished waters, as I hope they will, then they will earn their imprint's name - I know that in writing their words and in making their pictures, I feel better, more at home, more of this earth.

Thank you for visiting this tiny corner of our world's collective, rich, sprawling, magnificent book shelf. Below you will find a list of stores that carry my titles. And if you're ever in Porto, Portugal, please do give a shout. It would be my pleasure to meet you.


Alex Hart is an author, an artist, and the publisher of Feel Better Books